Divine Mountain
siSTAR's Retreat

What would it mean  to set aside all modern technology, social media and challenges of the day, to return to your spirit while connecting to your sacred luminous being - in a healthy wholesome environment?

This is an invitation to my siSTAR's. Yes, YOU. Come and visit the

sacred mountain of Idyllwild for the All Inclusive

Divine Mountain siSTAR's Retreat ~ The Great Remembering

Reclaim your powerful life-force energy for a clearer energy field filling

your body, mind and spirit! This small group, 3 day/ 3 night

Divine Mountain siSTAR's Retreat is for women who may be feeling disconnected, lonely, misunderstood and "out of sorts". Time for YOU to rediscover your luminous Self... 

The Great Remembering!

Dates: October 6-9, 2022

The Eagles View Healing Sanctuary in Idyllwild, CA - Private Residence.



or $333                            




or $333                            


All prices are per person. A deposit is required to hold your spot or you may pay in full. The balance is due 15 days before the retreat; if you are booking 15 days from retreat date, full amount is required.



Attendance to this Divine Mountain Women's Retreat is open to 8 siStar's; NOW accepting installments and deposits.


How do I remember?

  • Connecting with Mother Earth through nature walks & barefoot earthing.

  • Eating healthy organic food to raise vibration...vegan & vegetarian options too! 

  • Drinking quartz crystal pure living water, homemade herbal organic teas & juices.

  • Connecting with like-minded siSTAR's in a small group setting.

  • Experiencing powerful breath work outside in nature.

  • Restorative stretching & conscious movement in state of the art private fitness studio.

  • Arts & crafts to connect with the beautiful inner child.

  • Journaling ~ a "Love Letter" to Self.

  • Drumming/Rattling ~ reconnect with the rhythm of your sacred heart.

  • Sound healing and group meditation to soothe the Soul.

  • And, much more... The Great Remembering!