• Deeper connection to Self and others

  • Return with powerful health and wellness tools

  • A healthier and more vibrant YOU

  • More flexibility & sustained energy

  • Grounded, balanced & serene within self 

  • Rest and recharge in peaceful surroundings

What others are saying...

Sewa Buwewa

From the moment I contacted Patricia, I knew I had to attend the Divine your Power Retreat. Her gentle guidance led our intimate group to a safe place where I was able to recognize that I already possessed the answers to my individual questions. Having a small group made our experience intense and personal but, I became friends with each amazing woman!


I learned there is a connection between food, our bodies and their effects on our ability to connect with each other spiritually. I left the retreat knowing how to find my peaceful inner self under any circumstance. I also have experienced utilizing powerful connection building ceremony that I will be using to strengthen relationships with my friends and family.


I highly recommend Divine Your Power Retreat, it will be an investment in yourself.

 - Sewa Buwewa



LeAnne Pleasant

I signed up early for the Divine Mountain Retreat with few expectations but the promise of spiritual and physical renewal in the wonderful Idyllwild mountains kept me looking forward to it. I was absolutely blown away by the experience which included some of the best food I have ever eaten, introductions to a cacao ceremony, a land blessing, an evening of conscious movement, a deceptively simple yet powerful rock scraping meditation, hiking, stretching and sharing with the other women there.


Although we were a diverse group, Patricia made the space safe and comfortable as she encouraged us to get to know each other on a deeper level.  It was also incredibly fun with spontaneous music, dancing, dining out and more!  I have been to many retreats and have left with a "retreat high" from a few of them which was inevitably forgotten as I got back to real life.  This time, I brought home ( and have sustained) healthy eating habits, a positive attitude and connections which I hope to keep for a long time.

- LeAnne Pleasant

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