Meet Patricia

Patricia Garza Pinto is Founder of Divine Mountain Retreat and Divine Your Power - Health and Wellness for 21st Century Living; an empowerment training & coaching program for women and healers. 

Patricia is an accredited Holistic Health Practitioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Corrective Exercise Coach, Nationally Certified Fitness Specialist, Energy Medicine Healer, Shamanic Practitioner & published Author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Heal Your Body Book - 15 Essential Steps To Heal Our Body, Mind and Spirit. Patricia is presently writing a forthcoming book on empowerment through her ideas & vast experiences of health & healing.

The Full Story

Patricia leads an empowering experience by loving & embracing the body, mind and spirit as a united whole; integrating emotional exercises, stabilizing movement, fine-tuning diet, breath work, non-denominational prayer & meditation thus inviting you to live a more purposeful life. As a Shamanic Practitioner, Patricia also integrates energy medicine healing techniques based on client needs.

Due to her own health & healing through unimaginably challenging life experiences, Patricia has devoted her life as an advocate for empowerment through health and wellness. She also served as a Volunteer & on the Board of Directors for Kathy's House, a home for abused women & children in Orange County.

In private, semi-private & group settings, Patricia compassionately and powerfully combines lineage knowledge with modern tools to facilitate an optimal individualized and restorative experience.