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Uplifting Those who suffer

from chronic emotional and physical pain,

Empowering a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.

About Patricia

Patricia Garza Pinto is Founder of Divine Mountain Retreat and Divine Your Power - Health and Wellness for 21st Century Living; an empowerment training & coaching program for women and healers. 

Patricia is an accredited Holistic Health Practitioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Corrective Exercise Coach, Nationally Certified Fitness Specialist, Energy Medicine Healer, Shamanic Practitioner & published Author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Heal Your Body Book - 15 Essential Steps To Heal Our Body, Mind and Spirit. Patricia is presently writing a forthcoming book on empowerment through her ideas & vast experiences of health & healing.

Patricia leads an empowering experience by loving & embracing the body, mind and spirit as a united whole; integrating emotional exercises, stabilizing movement, fine-tuning diet, breath work, non-denominational prayer & meditation thus inviting you to live a more purposeful life. As a Shamanic Practitioner, Patricia also integrates energy medicine healing techniques based on client needs.

Due to her own health & healing through unimaginably challenging life experiences, Patricia has devoted her life as an advocate for empowerment through health and wellness. She also served as a Volunteer & on the Board of Directors for Kathy's House, a home for abused women & children in Orange County.

In private, semi-private & group settings, Patricia compassionately and powerfully combines lineage knowledge with modern tools to facilitate an optimal individualized and restorative experience.


Divine Mountain Retreat is multi-day immersion experience situated in the high vibration surroundings of Idyllwild, CA. This opportunity is for those who are ready to initiate restructuring of the physical, moral and spiritual being through cultivation of the sacred self using everyday methodology and your own innate wisdom.


Attendance open to 6 siSTAR's; NOW accepting installments and deposits.

This is an opportunity for YOUR GREAT REMEMBERING.

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I've worked hard

to heal those parts in myself so I can

help alleviate 

the suffering of those

who are ready. 

-Patricia Garza Pinto

"I am now on an upward swing from a downward spiral and the catalyst to my change started with my stay with Patricia."

Subrina Witt

“Experiencing Patricia is experiencing the passion for this practice of creating a strong body, mind and spirit.”

Andrea Kastner


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